About Broderick Boyd

Broderick (Brody) Boyd struggled for years with loneliness, depression & suicidal thoughts before he finally broke through, hired his dating coach and shortly after met his amazing, loving & highly supportive wife!

Brody has now been helping thousands of single successful men all over the world for over 14+ years to attract the high-quality, beautiful & intelligent women of their dreams ASAP without fear, frustration or wasting any more time with disappointment, rejection or regret!

He has a degree in Communications and Interpersonal Relationships and has spoken on hundreds of stages, TV & radio shows all over the world such as Harvard University, Good Morning San Diego, LATV, The Great Love Debate and America Trends TV.

For over a decade he also studied everything that he could get his hands on in the areas of women, dating & attracting amazing relationships with high-quality women quickly without anxiety, low-confidence or screwing it up!

It wasn’t always like this for him however…

Brody grew up in a household where he felt very controlled by his mother. Growing up, he always felt restricted and like he couldn’t do what he really wanted to do, and he didn’t have a strong masculine role model from his father either and he was pretty angry and frustrated about that. He was never able to have any real success or connections with women throughout his entire life living with his parents.

Fast forward a bit later and Brody moved out of his parents home, and left to college, where he started doing a bit of work on himself reading a few books, improving himself and becoming his own man.

It was there in college that Brody met his first girlfriend and had his first serious relationship. The relationship was okay, and they had their ups and downs, but after 2 1/2 years of being together, she decided to dump him and to leave him.

And when she left, Brody was actually very devastated by that. He felt like he’d screwed up, didn’t really understand women and what they wanted, he wasn’t being the best man he could be, he didn’t have a great social life or social skills to turn to and his confidence was just shot and gone.

He felt totally alone, frustrated, angry, sad and rejected, and ended up entering the deepest depression of his life.

He then became and remained severely depressed for about 1 1/2 years.

Then, one day, in the depths of his depression, Brody was starting to feel that he’d had enough. He was feeling that he just had this dark, black hole in his chest. He had no idea what to do in his life in order to make things better, and his life just wasn’t working at all and he was extremely lonely. It was at this point that he actually started thinking about killing himself.

His mind had started going there, and he was seriously beginning to consider that option. However, as if by magic, in that moment a stronger and wiser part of himself finally WOKE UP and said “Hey! Yes, you could kill yourself and go down that path… But what if instead you did WHATEVER IT TOOK TO NEVER EVER EVER HAVE TO FEEL THIS WAY EVER AGAIN!?”

And that’s what he decided to do.

He then put his stake in the ground and said to himself ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! And this is going to go on NO LONGER!

He then began his new journey of studying everything that he could get his hands on in relation to women, dating, becoming the best man he could be and building his confidence and social skills.

He ended up changing his college studies from Biology to Communications & Interpersonal relationships which he received his degree in because he was so passionate about mastering this area of his life.

He ended up also investing in dozens and dozens of different workshops, trainings, bootcamps and seminars on communication, relationships, psychology and dating and ended up spending well over $10,000.00 in order to finally master these new skills, insights and secrets.

The frustrating thing for him however with this process, is that after going through all of this new information and training, he STILL wasn’t able to really attract and connect with the kind of high-quality women that he really wanted to be with.

He then decided that enough was enough, and he found a man who he resonated with and who had the kind of results that he really wanted to have in his romantic life and he decided to hire him as his dating coach.

The coach cost him quite a bit of additional money, and he was pretty scared about that and had to put a lot of the investment onto credit cards, but he knew that the investment would be well worth it for the results that it could help him create in his life and the alternative was literally death.

His new dating mentor then took him under his wing and helped him to explore his own inner psychology, mindset & beliefs as well as helped him build the skills and have the right strategies to really attract and keep a high quality women. He also held him accountable and helped him to stay committed to his goals and to taking the right new action steps to create these new results that he really wanted to create.

It was then working with his new coach that Brody FINALLY had his big breakthrough and the new results that he’d been looking for all along.

He then went through an amazing phase where he dated and was with dozens and dozens and dozens of amazing, beautiful, super-high quality women, and he learned a ton about himself and what he wanted from that phase.

And then shortly after that phase and still working with his dating mentor he finally met his amazing, beautiful, intelligent, supportive & loving wife Antia, who he’s never felt more confident about, loved or been in a happier relationship with in his whole life.

He was excited about meeting Antia because he finally felt like he attracted a woman who he could be connected to on all levels and really enjoy life together and live a bigger purpose and help improve the world together as well.

So having gone through that entire journey of rejection to relationship and having struggled as bad as he had in order to get to the amazing life and relationship that he was able to create. THAT is why Brody then became so passionate and excited about wanting to help other single successful men to overcome their dating frustrations & challenges and find and have the same level of amazing happiness, confidence, fulfillment and success that he was able to create in his romantic life as well.

And that’s why he’s now been helping tens of thousands of single successful men all over the world for over 14+ years to have that same success in their dating & romantic relationships and meet the amazing women, girlfriends and wives that they now have to share their life & be happier with as well…

And now, it’s YOUR turn! ?

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